Seal Maker - create any complex multicolored hi-resolution rubber-stamp, seal, stamp or logo with a minimum actions!
Introduction: Brief information about Seal Maker
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Examples of Seal Maker results: circle, elliptic, square and triangle seals with different text and fonts
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This powerful tool can help you to create any rubber-stamp or seal your ever seen on official documents, bills, checks and other papers. You can imitate seal of any shape, size, color, rotation and deformation.

Use Seal Maker if you want to create and print on the paper colored believable rubber-stamp without using scanner and special graphic programs like PhotoShop and CorelDraw

Looking for a good tool for creating very hi-quality rubber-stamps, seals or logos? Don't know how to create them? Try our program Seal Maker which allows you to create any colored rubber-stamp quick and easy. Just some clicks - and you can print black or polychromatic seal on the paper! You can use many special effects and features which can help you to create realistic stamps. Try our unique and revolutionary software and significantly save your money and time!

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